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Pets on jets: Dogs, cats welcome on board Elite Jets flights

October 5, 2020

Pets are part of your family. When it comes time for a family vacation, though, dogs and cats often are left behind in a kennel.

Commercial airlines have implemented new pet policy restrictions that make it difficult for non-service animals to tag along on a flight. Instead, many pet-lovers have turned to charter companies like Elite Jets to book trips for the whole family, including pets.

The three legacy carriers serving Southwest Florida International Airport – American, Delta and United – each suspended programs in 2020 that allowed passengers to check pets as cargo. Pets are still allowed in the cabin, but only certain breeds are permitted, and animals must be small enough to fit inside a pet carrier that fits under a seat. And if your beloved pet meets these criteria, the three airlines levy an additional $125 service charge each way.

To bring a second pet on United, passengers must purchase an extra ticket and pay an additional $125 service charge each way. United’s extensive pet policy and guidelines span multiple sections of the airline’s website, and combined, the documents surpass 10,000 words.

By comparison, below is a summary of Elite Jets’ pet policy:

  • Yes.

That’s pretty much it. Household pets are welcome aboard each of our five jets.

It’s worth noting that certain destinations, like Hawaii or overseas locations, have rules and regulations covering four-legged visitors.

For all safety-related matters, Elite Jets follows guidance from the Federal Aviation Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC offers recommendations on traveling with pets, including the following:

  • Visit a veterinarian for a pre-flight checkup and vaccinations, and request a health certificate.
  • Get your pet acclimated to its carrier prior to a flight.
  • Walk your pet before leaving home and again before boarding the aircraft.

On a private jet, though, some of the more challenging aspects of flying with a pet can be mitigated. Passengers are permitted to hold their pet, which helps reduce a pet’s stress levels and makes for a more comfortable trip for both passengers and pets. Passengers don’t have to endure long lines at the check-in counter or security, and they can board the jet just minutes before departure, allowing less time for pets to get anxious. With no strangers on board a private jet, pets should be more comfortable in their surroundings. Private jets also fly nonstop to most destinations, eliminating the need for a layover that increases travel time.

To book your next pet-friendly flight on Elite Jets, please call 239-900-9000, email charter@EliteJets.com or complete our easy-to-use Quick Quote online form.

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