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Elite Jets Private Terminal

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Carbon and Green Footprint

It’s Good To Be Green

At Elite Jets, we strive to provide eco-friendly options for conscientious passengers by integrating green practices that improve our carbon footprint. We are always looking for innovative, modern ways to reduce the overall environmental impact of our business operations.

As Elite Jets leads by example, the bar is set high – just where we like it.

Elevating Green Practices to New Heights

When it comes to flying eco-friendly, you’ll find that Elite Jets invests in modern, efficient aircraft. Take the Embraer Phenom 300, for example. This model’s incredibly efficient engines easily exceed the benchmark for eco-friendliness. Overall, it provides a reduced noise footprint, better fuel burn and fewer emissions.

Elite Jets also offers door-to-door chauffeur services in its Tesla Model X, a luxury electric SUV that demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to both the environment and our clients. Our fleet Tesla can pick up passengers at any Collier County residence and drive them directly to the private terminal at Naples Airport. You can even drive straight onto the tarmac to board your jet. Additionally, we also added a Tesla charging station as an amenity for our passengers.

Beyond our aircraft, we incorporate green practices into everything we do – all the way down to printing on both sides of the paper before recycling.
  • Resell or donate old electronics
  • Use extremely efficient M1-powered MacBooks
  • Install LEDs for all interior, exterior and hangar lights
  • Enable motion-activated lighting
  • Minimize electricity by creating air-conditioning zones within hangars
  • Allow employees to telecommute
  • Enable sleep mode on devices as possible
  • Purchase fair trade coffee through a small-business supplier
  • Run high-efficiency battery backups
  • Support local, eco-friendly vendors
  • Distribute reusable water bottles rather than single-use plastic

Questions About Elite Jets’ Environmental Practices?  
Call 239-900-9000

Questions About Elite Jets’ Environmental Practices?  

Call 239-900-9000

125 Aviation Drive S.
Naples, Florida 34104
Tel: 239.900.9000
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