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Top Private Aviation Trends For 2020

January 9, 2020

Each year industries of all kinds see change and innovation. From global enterprises to local family owned businesses, technology, the economy, and the markets see change over the course of a year. So, what does that mean for the private jet industry? Elite Jets wants to share with you some of what you can expect to see in 2020 in the world of private aviation. 

On demand charter model is leading the aviation industry

The industry is starting to see a growth in on demand charter services. This more flexible and accessible approach to private travel is growing in popularity while eliminating heavy overhead costs, maintenance, and membership fees. This is already taking place when big players in the industry like Vista Jet and Directional Aviation, by the acquisition of Jet Smarter and Private Fly.

Going green

Every industry is making the shift to become more sustainable and eco-friendlier, and that includes the private aviation industry. Things like reduced carbon footprints, more efficient crafts, and fuel effective flight plans are all things you can expect going forward this year. Many companies have taken the initiate to voluntarily offset their carbon output by donating to companies helping better the environment.


An article by Aviation Week predicts that business aviation is on its way to becoming the first sector to implement electric aviation. What does this mean? This means new aircraft models, new technologies, and a new way to look at private aviation. Electrical virtual takeoff and landing are things that are expected to be see more development in the year ahead.

A growth in demand

Every year we see more natural disasters and extreme weather. The thing about these events is they are unpredictable. Need a solution? In 2020, the demand for private jets is predicted to increase due to these natural occurrences. Customers are needing solutions for emergency evacuations and providing emergency relief, and private jets help make this possible.


The scope of private aviation is much larger than just the United States. Going forward into the year, private aviation is expected to see an increased presence in emerging economies. Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa are predicted to start to further utilize private aviation as a bridge in their developing aviation industries.There’s no question that 2020 is going to be an exciting year for the private aviation industry. From sustainability practices to improving technologies there’s no saying where private flight will go next!

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