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Good Aviation neighbors make SWFL a great place to live

March 1, 2023

Private aviation companies, including Elite Jets, have been subject to ongoing criticism as residents and the Naples Airport Authority continue exploring solutions to mitigate noise complaints.

Aviation companies do not go out of their way to be noisy neighbors. In fact, many local aviation businesses are going out of their way to be GOOD neighbors.

Elite Jets and others using Naples Airport have agreed to voluntary nighttime use restrictions. Of course, weather and mechanical issues occasionally cause aircraft to depart or arrive during the voluntary curfew period, but that’s not the norm. Some critics say aircraft are noisier today, but it’s actually the opposite – today’s jets are quieter because of technological improvements made during the design and manufacturing process. The perception of noise increases can be attributed to more takeoffs and landings each day because Naples has become a bigger hub for affluent business and leisure travelers.

Being a good neighbor is about far more than keeping the noise down.

To us, being a good neighbor is supporting the community you call home. That means providing financial assistance and volunteer hours for charitable causes. Over the past few years, Elite Jets has hosted the Cars on Fifth Jetport Reception to support St. Matthew’s House and the Hope Gala to support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The company also has sponsored and hosted events for Guadalupe Center, Boys & Girls Club of Collier County, Seacrest Country Day School and other organizations.

To us, being a good neighbor is helping the local economy grow. In October 2022, the Florida Department of Transportation released an economic impact study that determined Naples Airport supports 5,454 jobs in the community and generates a total economic impact of $781 million annually. At a micro level, Elite Jets employs 55 individuals, which means 55 local families have income to spend on housing, food, education, entertainment, attractions and other sectors that fuel our economy.

To us, being a good neighbor is being a good steward of the environment. Elite Jets carefully curated a fleet of jets with clean sheet designs that are lighter and more aerodynamic, and thus are among the most fuel-efficient aircraft with the smallest carbon footprint in their class. On the ground, the company has added a Tesla charging station, implemented a Sustainable Aviation Fuel program, installed LED lighting and implemented numerous “green” programs, including a commitment to support local, eco-friendly vendors and partners.

To us, being a good neighbor means commitment. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that half of all businesses fail within five years. At its six-year mark, Elite Jets signed a long-term lease agreement that runs through 2050, renovated Hangars 100, 125, and 150 at Naples Airport and launched a jet repainting initiative.

In a residential community, good neighbors have manicured lawns and landscaping, park cars in the garage, and keep the sidewalk, driveway and exterior clean. Occasionally, those neighbors might have company over or their children might play a game of backyard wiffleball, but they’re still good neighbors.

Every type of business in Collier County has the potential for negative impacts, like noise, pollution, traffic and strained infrastructure. In the case of Naples Airport, though, the positive impacts from tenants and charter companies far outweigh the negatives. These neighbors are providing Collier County with financial gains, convenience, economic development, year-round tourism and other benefits that are helping make our community one of the most desirable places to live in America.

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